The IDADAIT celebration serves as a reiteration of the commitment to our goal of freeing society from the evils of drug abuse and illicit trafficking. This year’s theme, “Share facts on drugs, save lives,” emphasizes the importance of combating disinformation campaigns about illegal drugs that can harm the public.

As this is a problem that requires a whole-of-nation approach to address, the theme is a relevant and vital call to action to mitigate the negative impact of false information, bolster the public’s knowledge to make them less susceptible to exploitation, and intensify resilience against the numerous myths and inaccuracies surrounding illegal drugs.

The History of IDADAIT

Since December 7, 1987, the United Nations General Assembly has mandated the worldwide observance of the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking every 26th of June. This annual global observance helps to raise awareness about illegal drugs, celebrate achievements, and reinforce international support and cooperation.

In the Philippines, Presidential Proclamation No. 264 on the IDADAIT observance was issued on June 1, 1988. Since then, the Dangerous Drugs Board has spearheaded the annual observance of the IDADAIT.

DDB-organized Activities for IDADAIT

PADS Communications Workshop for Implementing Agencies
(June 14, 16, and 18, 2021)

The objective is to align PADS Communications efforts and the IDADAIT 2021 communication directions.

Agencies will be divided into three clusters for this workshop.

#PADSulong Virtual Launch
(June 25, 2021)

The objective is to rally efforts as PADS enters its last year of implementation and sustain momentum in the campaign against illegal drugs. It will also highlight, promote, and make people aware of the accomplishments and collective efforts of all implementing agencies.

Kicking off the IDADAIT celebration, this event is open to the public and will be streamed live through the official Facebook page of the DDB.

DDB TV Watch Party
(June 30, 2021)

This is a virtual event to launch the new informative show of the Dangerous Drugs Board on YouTube.

Suggested Activities for Stakeholders

The Dangerous Drugs Board encourages all stakeholders to be part of the 2021 IDADAIT celebration by undertaking related activities, such as:

Promoting the IDADAIT 2021 Theme: stakeholders are highly encouraged to put up or display tarpaulins, banners, or streamers in strategic places within their offices. Templates can be downloaded here.

Supporting and joining the online advocacy: stakeholders may use the IDADAIT materials that can be downloaded here. They may also showcase their activities online and use the #IDADAITPH2021 and #PADSulong.

Joining the DDB-organized activities for the 2021 IDADAIT celebration: stakeholders are invited to join the DDB-initiated activities especially those that are open to the public like the #PADSulong launch and the DDB TV watch party.

Conduct own IDADAIT Activities: Agencies and organizations may also conduct their own activities. All are advised, however, to consider the threats of the COVID-19 health crisis and to strictly follow the protocols set by the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases relative to the conduct of public events that require physical gathering of people.

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