Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Council (BADAC)



  1. Plan, strategize, implement and evaluate programs and projects on drug abuse preventions in the barangay.
  2. Coordinate and collaborate with other institutions implementing programs and projects on drug abuse at the barangay level;
  3. Continuously gather and update data on drug abuse and its effect on the peace and order situation in the barangay including listing of drug users and pushers;
  4. Refers users and pushers to the police and other institutions for corresponding sanctions,
  5. Perform other related functions.


Chairperson: P/B Arlan Vic A. Melendez

Vice-Chairperson: Kagawad Arnel A. Morales
Committee Chairperson on Peace and Order


SK Chairperson:  Marco B. Ramos

Lupon Member:  Aristotle M. Manuel

Barangay Tanod:  Francisco Japones, Jr.

Public School Teacher:  Milagros C. Peralta

Inter-Faith Group Representative:  Val Cedrick S. Sempio

Senior Citizen Representative:  Patricio D. Malaluan


Abcde F. Ghijklmnop
Police Station 4 – Commander