Barangay Council for the Protection of Children (BCPC)


  1. Foster education of every child;
  2. Take steps to prevent juvenile delinquency and assist parents of children with behavioral problems;
  3. Adopt measures for the health of children;
  4. Conduct capability-building projects to increase knowledge and skills in handling children’s programs;
  5. Encourage the proper performance of the duties and responsibilities of parents, and provide learning opportunities on the adequate rearing of children and positive parent-child relationship;
  6. Promote wholesome entertainment in the community, especially in movie houses;
  7. Prepare Annual Work and Financial Plan (AWFP) for children and recommend appropriations to the Sanggunian;
  8. Provide coordinate linkages with other agencies and institutions in the planning, monitoring and evaluation of plans for children;
  9. Establish and maintain a database on children in the barangay;
  10. Advocate for the establishment and maintenance of playgrounds, day care centers, and other facilities for child and youth development;
  11. Advocate for the passage of barangay resolutions/ordinances responsive to child-related issues and concerns, and ensure the inclusion of children’s program in the executive agenda;
  12. Protect and assist children in need of special protection, and refer cases filed against child abusers to proper agencies
  13. Monitor situational reports on children, prepare quarterly updates; and
  14. Perform such other functions and other child related laws especially in matters of child and parent education, health, entertainment, etc.


Chairperson: P/B Arlan Vic A. Melendez


Barangay Kagawad:  Irene C. Lagumbay
Committee Chair on Women, Childtren & Family

Lupon Member:  Aristotle M. Manuel

Barangay Tanod:  Francisco Japones, Jr.

Public School Teacher:  Milagros C. Peralta

Inter-Faith Group Representative:  Val Cedrick S. Sempio

Senior Citizen Representative:  Patricio D. Malaluan

3 Members from Barangay Anti-Crime Group:

Josefilo G. Badayos
Neil M. Cruzana
Erwin S. Sempio

PNP Officer:

Abcde F. Ghijklmnop