Barangay Gender and Development Focal Point System (BGDFPS)


The Punong Barangay Shall:

  1. Organize and strengthen the Barangay GFPS;
  2. Establish/maintain AW Desk and designate its Desk Officer;
  3. Submit the Barangay GAD Plan and Budget Accomplishment Report and other Barangay GAD-related reports to the DILG Manila Field Office;
  4. Implement the DILG-approved GAD Plan and Budget and approve GAD Accomplishment Report and other GAD-related reports of the barangay as may be required by the Magna Carta for Women – IRR.

Barangay GAD Focal Point Member shall:

  1. Provide policy advice to the Punong Barangay to support and strengthen the Barangay GFPS gender mainstreaming effort;
  2. Deliberate/Formulate the Barangay GAD Plan and Budget, and Barangay GAD Accomplishment Report and other Barangay GAD related reports;
  3. Participate in the implementation of the Barangay GAD Plans, Programs and Activities (PPAs) and the judicious utilization of the Barangay GAD Budget;
  4. Lead the conduct of advocacy activities in the barangay and the development of information, education and communication (IEC) materials; and
  5. Monitor the implementation of the Barangay GAD related PPAs and suggest corrective measures to improve their implementation.

The Barangay GFPS Secretariat shall assist the Barangay GFPS in the performance of their roles and responsibilities, specially on administrative and logistical support as follows:

  • Preparation of meeting agenda
  • Preparation of minutes of meeting, other document of Barangay GFPS meetings and Barangay GAD related activities; and
  • Facilitate implementation on Barangay GAD related programs, projects and activities.


Chairperson:  P/B Arlan Vic A. Melendez

Co-Chairperson:  Irene C. lagumbay
Committee Chair on Women, Children & Family


Barangay Kagawad:  Eduardo M. Andaya, Jr.
Committee Chair on Appropriations

SK Chairperson:  Marco B. Ramos

Barangay Treasurer:  Buena Fe M. Manalo

Luponga Tagapamayapa:  Sheena S. Sempio

Barangay Human Rights Action Officer:  Kag. Romeo T. Santos

Barangay Nutrition Scholar:  Rachel M. Deniega

Barangay Health Worker:  Irelen C. Lagumbay

Day Care Worker:

Barangay Tanod Ex-O:  Rodolfo L. Hernandez:

VAW Desk Officer:  Alma B. Acebron

NGO / CSO Representative:  Mercedes S. Reyes
(from women’s organization existing in the barangay)

Secretariat Support:

Baranagay Secretary:  Vismalu B. Ramos

Barangay Staff / Personnel:  Chito M. Cruzana