Barangay Peace and Order Council (BPOC)


  1. Formulate a Barangay POPS Plan which shall be incorporated in the Barangay Development Plan;
  2. Recommend measures to improve or enhance peace and order and public safety bin the community;
  3. Monitor and coordinate the implementation of peace and order programs and projects at the barangay level;
  4. Serve as an information-gathering mechanism;
  5. Monitor and report, to appropriate authorities, suspicious illegal activities and personalities involved within their jurisdiction, including insurgent activities;
  6. Maintain continuing dialogue, close coordination and rapport with the higher-level POC and law enforcement units;


Chairperson: P/B Arlan Vic A. Melendez

Vice-Chairperson: Kagawad Arnel A. Morales


SK Chairperson:  Marco B. Ramos

Lupon Member:  Aristotle M. Manuel

Barangay Tanod:  Francisco Japones, Jr.

Public School Teacher:  Milagros C. Peralta

Inter-Faith Group Representative:  Val Cedrick S. Sempio

Senior Citizen Representative:  Patricio D. Malaluan

3 Members from Barangay Anti-Crime Group:

Josefilo G. Badayos
Neil M. Cruzana
Erwin S. Sempio

PNP Officer:

Abcde F. Ghijklmnop