Barangay Ecological and Solid Waste Management Council (BESWMC)


  1. Formulate a community solid waste management program with the city;
  2. Be responsible for the segregation and collection of solid waste specifically for biodegradable, compostable and reusable waste;
  3. Establish within the barangay or cluster of barangays a material recovery facility (MRF), a redemption or eco-centers in a barangay-owned or lease land or any suitable open space to be determined by the sangguniang barangay;
  4. Allocate barangay funds for the program for ecological solid waste management program, approved by the sangguniang barangay;
  5. Organize a Core of Area/Street Coordinators to assists the BESWMC in the implementation of their program and activities;
  6. Conduct trainings for barangay residents on segregation, composting, recycling and livelihood opportunities from use of recyclable waste and to monitor their implementation;
  7. Integrate the ESWMC in the Barangay Development Plan and/or Annual Investment Program (AIP);
  8. Find alternative sources of funds other than the regular barangay budget;
  9. Submit a monthly report to the City ESMWC on the progress of the program, copy furnished the City DILG Office; and
  10. Implement policies and plans that shall include strategies such as but not limited to the following: Education, Engineering, Enforcement and Entrepreneurial.


Chairperson:  P/B Arlan Vic A. Melendez


Barangay Kagawad:  Cleofe G. Badayos
Committee Chair on Environmental Protection

SK Chairperson:  Marco B. Ramos

Homeowners Assoc. President:  Mercedes S. Reyes

Public or Private School Principal or Rep.:  Stephanie A. Delos Santos

PTA President / Representative:

Religious Organizations Representative:  Paul Albert S. Lim

Business Community President Representative:

NGO Representative (Environment):  Natividad F. Lacdan

Pressident, Market Vendor Association and Junkyard Owners (if any):

3 Members from Barangay Anti-Crime Group:

Josefilo G. Badayos
Neil M. Cruzana
Erwin S. Sempio

PNP Officer:


Abcde F. Ghijklmnop