Barangay Physical Fitness and Sports Development Council (BPFSDC)


The Punong Barangay Shall:

  1. Meet at least once a month to plan and formulate a blueprint for the short, medium and long term for sectoral sports based on national policy and program of “Sports for All”, including a well-synchronized year round calendar of sports activities and competitions culminating in a national “Palarong Pambansa”.
  2. Conduct a local “Sports Summit” in consultation with other public and private entities concerned to identify and prioritized sports programs and activities in their respective localities and areas of concern and to monitor, review and validate their program;
  3. Oversee and ensure the implantation of the physical fitness and sports program and activities in the respective areas of concern, i.e., DECS for physical education and school sports, DILG and LGUs for community-based sports, DOLE for labor sports, Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) and National Sports Association (NSA) for elite sports for international competitions, and Games and Amusement Board (GAB) for professional sports;
  4. Disseminate proper information on the national policy and program, including their local programs to encourage the active participation of their constituents in physical fitness and sports activities;
  5. Assists in the identification, recruitment and training of gifted and talented athletes from their areas to ensure a wide base for the selection of national athletes who will represent the country in international sports competition;
  6. Submit quarterly report to the Chairman of the National Physical Fitness and Sports Development Council (PFSDC) and furnish a copy of the same to the Philippine Sports Commission; and
  7. Perform other functions deemed necessary tom promote and implement the national policy and program.


Chairperson:  P/B Arlan Vic A. Melendez

Vice-Chairperson:  Kag. Romeo T. Santos
Committee on Sports – Co-Chairman


SK Chairperson:  Marco B. Ramos

School Representative:  Tuesday A. Delos Santos

Homeowners Association Representative:  Mercedes S. Reyes

NGO / CSO Representative:

Rilian L. Santos
Nievelyn C. Santos